When I am working in Winchester, which is where County Hall is located, I work alongside 73 other County Councillors from all over Hampshire, (This excludes the 2 unitary Authorities of Southampton and Portsmouth)

If political opportunism, personal self-aggrandisement and financial reward are the main attractions then the role of County Councillor is not for you.

Most people know that their area is represented by a local Councillor. Those Councillors could serve on a Parish Council, a District Council or a County Council. The Parish of Fawley has 15 Parish Councillors, 5 District Councillors but only 1 County Councillor.

The County Division of Fawley includes the villages of Fawley, Calshot, Blackfield, Langley, Holbury and Hardley and as your County Councillor at County Hall, I represent every one of the 14,500 men, women and children living in those villages, no matter what their politics are. In addition, I also have to make decisions affecting everyone in the County of Hampshire.

The Round Table

In order to be a good County Councillor and to do the job properly, it takes total dedication and commitment and a genuine desire to help others.

I am always interested in what you have to say about local issues that are being considered by the County Council and am able to make representations on your behalf. I am accountable to you, the people of Fawley, when I am involved in making decisions which affect the lives of anyone who lives and works in the Parish of Fawley in this beautiful County of Hampshire.

The County of Hampshire with its Principle Towns