It is very difficult for most people to really know what their County Councillor has done for them unless their individual lives are affected by decisions made by the County Council.

I thought it might be helpful if I set out just a few of my achievements for you and some of the ways in which I have represented you as Fawley’s County Councillor.

The Long Lane traffic management scheme in Holbury.

A Zebra crossing outside Blackfield Infant School.

A Toucan crossing in Holbury.

Better traffic speed enforcement in Fawley.

30 mph speed restriction through Calshot village.

40 mph speed restriction from Langley to Lepe beach.

Traffic bollards in Waltons Avenue, Holbury for safer pavements.

Cancellation of extended parking restrictions in Blackfield.

A £2,500 contribution towards repairs at Victoria Quay, Fawley.

A £2,900 contribution towards St. George’s Centre, Calshot.

A £22,500 contribution towards Colors Youth Club at Holbury.

£129,000 of a developer’s contribution will now benefit the residents of Fawley Parish.

Every village in the Parish of Fawley now has its own village nameplate.

Pavements have been repaired and new dropped kerbs installed around the Parish.



Made representations to try to save Hardley Fire Station.

Made representations against increased capacity at Shanks, Fawley.

Made representations objecting to Boundary changes in the Parish.

Made representations concerning car parking charges at Lepe.

Made representations to support the Fawley Village Millennium project.

Made representations to support a road traffic calming scheme in School Road, Fawley.

Made representations against increased lorry movements on the A326.

Made representations addressing concerns re.housing units in Faircross Close, Holbury.

Made representations concerning Dibden Bay.